Get Connected: Connecting to the 5 C's Through Technology

Things to consider when using technology:

  • Cost
  • Student privacy
  • COPA Law
  • Age requirements (must the student be 13 or older?)
  • Does the site require the student to register?
  • Does the site require an email address? (Consider having the students send information to a parent's email address)
  • Read the Terms of Service Agreement
  • Student Access (give them time to go to the library, friend or relative's house)
  • Classroom management (number items and log them out when students use them, How will items be stored?, How will they be charged?)
  • District/School policy regarding tech usage (Acceptable Usage Policy)

When and why should you use technology in the classroom?

  • It motivates students.
  • If it does not take long to learn how to implement
  • If it enhances the curriculum
  • To develop 21st Century Skills needed to compete globally
  • To implement the National Technology Plan

21st Century Skills
World Languages Skills Map

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